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The Livin' Lodge at Eagles Nest Welcomes You & Your Family!

We are honored and excited to have you and your family stay with us! We hope you enjoy all the wonderful amenities offered here at the Livin’ Lodge as well as within Eagles Nest and the surrounding High Country! 

Below is important information to maximize your stay here!

Televisions: Livin’ Lodge is equipped with ten TV’s all with YouTube TV. After turning a TV on, click the Home button on the remote control and then choose the YouTube TV icon.

Feel free to login to any other streaming service using your personal login credentials. We simply ask that you logout prior to leaving – this protects your account and makes it easier for future guests.

Dining Table Extension: The dining table has two extensions that makes seating for ten. The extensions are located under the smaller bedroom bed on the main floor. You can use the two chairs near the steps and/or the folding chairs in the coat closet in the Great Room.

To extend the table, slide out the two pieces of wood under the table on each side as far as they will go, carefully lay the extension on the pieces of wood, slide the extension towards the main table, and rotate the tabs under the table. Repeat on the other side. Reverse that process to remove the extensions. Have a great meal with your many friends and family!

Firewood: We try to stock Livin’ Lodge with firewood – a free amenity most properties in Eagles Nest do not offer!  We welcome our guests to use/share  the provided firewood at all four wood burning fireplaces/firepits. Please enjoy (but try to save some for the next guests)!

Firepit by the Stream/Waterfall: Follow the trail from the fenced backyard down to the gravel road below. At the bottom is a firepit, adirondack chairs and a picnic table (a pretty cool picnic table we might add). There should be firewood available. There is also a lighter and torch fluid for the torches in the storage container. Have fun, but be safe!

Furniture/Grill Covers: The grill has a cover, as well as some of the outdoor furniture. Feel free to take them off, but please secure them as the winds can be strong and blow them away. For the grill, simply place it (along with the bungie cords) in the cabinet beneath the grill. For the furniture, simply place them in the storage container provided! If the wind is picking up or there is heavy rain/snow, please place the covers back on the furniture to preserve them for future guests!

Garbage Cans: Bear proof garbage cans can be tricky! After opening and placing garbage in the can, be sure to close the lid and make sure it is locked by trying to lift the lid. If it lifts, it’s not locked! We sometimes have to move the bag away from the locking mechanism and slam the cover down to make sure it locks. Occasionally we will hit the top (you will here it click). Trust us – bears will come and if not properly closed, will make an absolute mess!

Fire Extinguisher/Blankets: There are two fire extinguishers in the house. One is located in the lower cabinet to the right of the stove. The other is downstairs in the laundry room in the left cabinet above the washing machine. We also have two fire blankets – one in the lower cabinet to the right of the stove, the other in the bar cabinet to the right of the fireplace in the Great Room. We hope you never need them!

Pets/Furry Friends: Livin’ Lodge is a pet friendly house (for a small fee per pet per night). There are tons of amenities for your furry friend. Check them out here!

Social Media: We love to see pictures and videos of our guests enjoying their time here at Livin’ Lodge! Feel free to follow us, post away and tag us! We occasionally give away t-shirts and other promotions for those who follow and tag us!

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